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Objective of the partnership

“Balancing the needs of all the stakeholders while creating a sustainable future proof food production system”

  • Using the strengths of the individual organisations, the new partnership will work closely with stakeholders and be at the forefront of thought leadership for potato production. The extensive expertise within the partner organisations can be accessed by all stakeholders, including policymakers, to address both current and future challenges to potato production and supply chains.
  • With the partnership’s ability to address challenges using its unrivaled range of fundamental and applied scientific disciplines, new evidence-based and integrated solutions to production issues can be developed. Innovation will be accelerated by the improved linkage between the partner organisations and through the development of a wide network of external collaborators.
  • Strengthening the connection between scientists to on farm delivery using the partnership’s consultancy expertise is a key aspect of the partnership. This practical focus, combined with access to high-throughput laboratories, sustainable test platforms and field trial capacity, plus access to socio-economic, marketing and food supply chain expertise, puts the partnership in a unique position to be able to deliver from laboratory to consumer.
  • Strong industry engagement will ensure co-innovation of technical solutions and will directly inform the challenges addressed and the knowledge exchange activities of the partnership, connecting growers, policy makers and the academic community.